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Article provided by: Ames Peterson International

Beverly Hills Design

Beverly Hills Design

Beverly Hills Design

Architects are of the most important pieces in any building project. They’re the professionals responsible for drawing the plan and setting the general tone for the construction. Thus, it’s imperative to choose the right architectural firm if you’re about to embark on any construction or renovation project. If you’ve been searching for the best Beverly Hills design and architecture firm, you need not look beyond Ames Peterson International. We take pride in creating constructions that combine modern ideas with historical influences.

How Do You Choose the Right Beverly Hills Design Firm? 

The best architectural firms are those that combine artistic imagination with a firm understanding of engineering. However, finding such firms may take some effort. Below are a few of the most important things you need to consider before choosing an architecture firm in Beverly Hills.


The Beverly Hills Design firm you’re choosing should have ample experience working on building projects in your sector and province. This guarantees that they are familiar with the requirements and regulations that may govern building design and construction in the industry or area. You will not have to watch them get stuck at roadblocks they should have reasonably anticipated, and your job will not be a learning curve.


Before hiring any Beverly Hills design and architecture firm, it would be best to ask for specific details about the team that will be working on your project. Many companies put their best foot forward when trying to get the job but leave the work to the interns after the contract has been awarded. You need to ensure your project will be handled by the firm’s top talent and not just a team of young enthusiasts.

Range of services

It’s vital to verify that the firm you’re about to hire offers the range of services you need. For example, some Beverly Hills design firms only offer 2D design services. If your project also entails 3D modeling, such firms will not adequately serve your needs. Furthermore, you may want to find out how much support the firm offers beyond designing the building plan.


Cost will always be an essential factor to consider before settling with a design firm. However, it is imperative to note that good quality designs will not come cheap. If you want the best blend of artistic and engineering expertise, you should be prepared to pay a fair price. So, when comparing cost, you should be less concerned about the amount you’re paying but the value you’re getting for your money.

As an addendum, you should verify there are no hidden costs to the quote you’ve been given. It’ll be devastating to learn about surprise costs after you’ve signed the contract. Plus, you should also ensure the firm can produce a design that can be executed within your budget limits.

Contact the leading Beverly Hills Design and Architecture firm

Do you wish to hire the services of competent architects and building professionals? Are you looking for a firm that can help you conceptualize the design in your head into your dream home? Do not hesitate to contact us at Ames Peterson International. We are a full-service architecture and design firm with a proud record of churning out top-notch designs that combine modern ideas with historical influences. Call us on (424) 278-1125 or visit https://ames-peterson.com/contact-ames-peterson-architecture-design/.  

Beverly Hills Design

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Our Roofing Services


Foam Roof

Foam Roofing systems are considerably easier to maintain and repair than other roofing systems. While Built-Up roofs and single-plys must be removed and replaced after their usable lives; repairing and recoating an SPF roof enables it to last indefinitely.


Metal Roofing

Metal roof systems are used on a wide variety of buildings. They are installed on residential applications which tend to be on steep slopes. They are also installed on commercial and industrial buildings. Some industrial buildings utilize the metal roof system as both the waterproofing system as well as the structural roof deck.


Roof Coating

Coating will extend the life of the roof, by reducing heat transfer into the building, decreasing thermal shock (thermal expansion and contraction of the roof membrane), and helping to mitigate leaks. Reflective coatings also can reduce heat energy costs and improve the aesthetics of the roof.


Roof Painting

If your concrete tile roof suffers from color deterioration, you may not need to replace it completely. In most cases, concrete tile roofs can be re-coated and painted to transform its appearance and return your roof to its former glory.


Roof Tiles

Roof tiles can crack due to general wear and tear from natural elements, pressure cleaning or falling objects. There are several ways to fix the cracks in roof tiles. Hiring a professional to take care of any roof repairs will ensure a thorough inspection of the roof and the damage attained.


Skylight Repairs

Skylight repair services can become necessary for a homeowner especially if there is a crack in the skylight or other damage surrounding it. Damage or ageing of a skylight can lead to leaks and make your home less energy-efficient. AIRoofingCompany.com offers repair services on all types of skylights!

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